Saturday, 10 October 2009

Possible ghost photo at Warwick Castle, Warwickshire April 08

Some time ago back in April 2008, we both visited Warwick Castle, a truly English castle steeped in bloodied history. After exploring the grounds and climbing the castle walls, we stumbled across the all very familiar castle dungeon. Nothing struck us that was out of the ordinary. We took the odd touristy pictures on Ian’s mobile phone camera of the usual medieval torture devices and what not. Just as we were leaving, being that we were in an environment that would have been stained with suffering and anguish we jokingly took some random photos to try our luck for some shots of some orbs.

When we uploaded the photos on the computer, to our surprise we spotted what seemed to be a lady in a 45 degree position on the left of the photo. When we took the photo there were only 6 people in the dungeon including ourselves and no one that matched this description. Why a lady appeared who was standing at a 45 degree angle baffled us. For a start it is impossible for a person to stand at this angle. We later enhanced the photo in Photoshop and the lady just got weirder. You can clearly see a Tudor period ruffled collar and what looks like a cap worn by widows of the 16th century. She has no arms but there is clearly a left hand present. Here's the original photo:-

There were no actors dressed up or mannequins present. Being a little freaked and perplexed we gave the photo to a guy who has mediumship ability as we figured perhaps we can find out who the lady is and why she showed up in our photo.
You can look at his report and see the photo with brightness enhanced by following the link and clicking on the top right picture.

Whether this is proof positive of ghosts, we don’t know and so we leave it to the reader’s discretion. --Zoe

Orbs taken at Caerphilly Castle, South Wales September 09

This photo was taken at Caerphilly Castle in South Wales within the Great hall. We took three photos in succession with only seconds apart. In the second photo some orbs appeared. Although some may argue that the orbs are no more than dust particles. The puzzling aspect is that surely the dust would have shown up in all the photos because the photos were only second’s apart and not enough time for dust to float away? There was no draft of air movements for this to happen.

This castle is known for its ghostly goings on so maybe these orbs represent something other worldly? We leave this to the reader’s discretion. --Zoe

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Other paranormal page

We've set up this page as we have an interest in other paranormal phenomenon as well such as ghosts and plan on organising ghost nights as well as ufo related evenings in the coming months. We will also post on here any pictures or reports we think are interesting and we have a couple of our own which i'll post.. in a bit :)